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How work our font generator online ?

Font generator is a device for choosing, previewing, replicating and pasting special text to apply on Instagram, facebook, twitter and different social networks or post. With this device, you can edit and test your edited text content anywhere characters are accepted. The advantage of our generator is that it has been designed so that the translation of characters is instantaneous, which allows you to see an immediate preview of your future text Here's one a small tutorial to understand how to use our font generator :

  • Choose a font category

    From the "fonts list" menu, select the font of your choice.

  • Font generator tutorial one
  • Write a text in the form

    Fill in the form with the desired text, the one we will call "raw" text.

  • Font generator tutorial twoo
  • Copy the text created by the generator tool

    The text is immediately translated live with the desired characters, you just have to select your preference.

  • Font generator tutorial three
  • Paste your fonts all over the internet

    You will only have to insert your generated texts on your profiles, bios, article or comment !

  • Font generator tutorial four

    How do fonts work ?

    Most of the fonts generated by our site are actually "unicodes". Unicode, officially the Unicode Standard, is an records era trendy for the regular encoding, representation, and dealing with of textual content expressed in maxi mum of the world's writing systems. The trendy, that is maintained via way of means of the Unicode Consortium, defines 144,697 characters masking 159 cutting-edge and anciental scripts, in addition to symbols, emoji, and non-visible manipulate and formatting codes.

    Why is it important to use this kind of font ?

    The main reason is to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, a different font from the standard makes it easier to attract the intention of your visiturs or client, whether on your social networks posts, blog or your biography and some characters can even walk in video games like League Of Legend chat ! If certain games or social networks allow it, you can also try to use it in your pseudonyms. In conclusion, these generated texts can be decorative, informative, or even artistic and all have the advantage of increasing your charisma and attraction.