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Wingdings, What is that ?

Wingdings is a typography in the TrueType format proposed by Microsoft which is installed on the operating systems of the Microsoft company, "Windows". It was originally designed by Kris Holmes and Charles Bugelow in the 90s under the name "Lucida Icons" to complete the alphabetical Lucida, Microsoft took ownership of it in 1992, renamed it "Windgings" and makes available for its Windows consumers from version 3.1. It is subsequently adopted by Unicode from version 7. Wingdings is composed of around 200 symbols (icons, astrological signs, hand signs or religious symbols, etc.) and has ASCII code and classic characters from the Latin alphabet. The look is intended to be filled with pictograms.


How to translate and write Wingdings with our translator ?

Wingdings Translator is a standalone device that allows you to translate normal text sentences into Wingdings. To translate Wingdings textual content into regular content. Replicate and paste the Wingdings content into the Wingdings textual content area. To translate ordinary content into Wingdings, paste or write any textual content and see how it is mechanically replaced in Wingdings font in the second case. Here is the Wingdings example of a "hello world" :

Wingdings Hello world

Wingdings popularity, controversies, memes

Windging is known through many more or less controversial memes, the best known being that of the planes of September 11, the goal was to register the flight number of one of the aircraft in a document world and to translate the text into Wingdings, Internet users then suddenly discovered on their screen the representation of a plane going towards 2 towers (Q33) and a skull and crossbones followed by a thumbs up and the star by david (NYC), which did not leave indifferent some Internet users who had fun popularizing it, provoking astonished or scandalized reactions from the victims of the hoax despite the desire for the usefulness of its characters by its founders. Other varieties, softer, exist as the symbol and sign of the victory of Islam (AZ) often used by those interested Wingdings is also used in some video games like Undertale where a character named W. D. Gaster uses it to communicate to players, leaning on the mythical side of things that are pictograms

W D Gaster Wingdings